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Chardonnay has been a relative late-comer to the South African vineyard landscape.

The planting of this great white grape of Burgundy only really began to take root in the 1980s after a period of trial, error and experimentation with the finding of plant material best-suited to South African conditions.

By 1990 Chardonnay only comprised 1.5% of all of South Africa's vineyards, with De Wetshof, Backsberg and Simonsig generally regarded as this varieties pioneers in the country.

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Fun facts about Chardonnay wine

The Chardonnay grape is the most planted white wine grape worldwide.

There are at least 34 varieties of Chardonnay grape used for making wine in different regions.

The grape originated in a small village of Chardonnay in France. The name originally meant 'place of thistles”.

Chardonnay started trending as a baby name in the UK around 2002 because of a character in 'Footballer's Wives.”

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Chief Taster and owner of West London Wine School, South London Wine School and Streatham Wine House, Jimmy Smith, takes you through the famous Chardonnay in great detail.

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